Main Functions

KrkrExtract helps you to extract files from, or repack files into an xp3 package. It also makes a universal patch.

About Unpack

KrkrExtract can extract xp3 packages used by kirikiri engine.
(1)Make sure "KrkrExtract.exe" and "KrkrExtract.dll" are in your game directory.
(2)Drag the executable file of the current game into "KrkrExtract.exe".
(3)Drag a xp3 file into the window, KrkrExtract will extract it.
Some Special options:
(1)PNG Setting:
Raw: Do nothing.
System Decoder: Try to use build-in plugins then extract. If raw data seems corrupted, please try this way. NOT 100% STABLE.(eg: 恋がさくころ桜どき)
(2)PSB File:
Raw: Do nothing.
Decompile Script: Decompile the binary data into a tjs script.
Unpack Image: Try to unpack images in the PSB package.
Unpack Animation: Try to unpack images(eg:emote) in PSB package.
Dump Text: only extract essential texts for translation.
JSON: also decompile the binary data, but in JSON format.(this option will help you use the JIT Compiler)
Full Unpack: Do all processes.
(3)Text Decryption:
Raw: Do nothing.
Text: Try to use kirikiri's standard decryption.
(4)TLG Image:
Raw:Do nothing.
Build-in Decoder: Use build-in decoder, save images as 32bit bmp files.
System: Try to use build-in plugins then extract(save as png format). If the tlg files are using unknown format, please try this way. NOT 100% STABLE.
PNG: Use build-in decoder, save images as png format.
JPG: Use build-in decoder, save images as jpg format.
(5)TJS2 Script:
Raw: Do nothing.
Decompile: Try to decompile current script file.
(6)Alpha Movie Animation:(amv file)
JPG(Sequence): Use build-in decoder, save as jpg sequence.
PNG(Sequence): Use build-in decoder, save as png sequence.
MNG: Use build-in decoder, convert into mng format.

About Repack

KrkrExtract can repack files into a xp3 package, just like the original xp3 files.
This technology will help you translate or modify the game.
(1)Folder: Select a folder to pack. All sub-folders in this folder will be ignored.(You can drag a folder into the window)
(2)Original Pack: Select an original xp3 package from target game. In usual, KrkrExtract will select a package automatically.
(3)Output Pack: Input file name for your new package.( Create it if not exists)
(4)Make Package: Try to make a xp3 package.

About Universal Patch

Universal Patch is a new technology for your translation project.

Extra Information

More information about KrkrExtract




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KrkrExtract SDK

KrkrExtract SDK allow you to write a file system for your patch. The SDK provides a tiny file system to you.

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Extra Tools

You can find some useful tools here. Most of them are developed for translation.

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